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Blog will new fda bill help or hurt americans seeking cures
Will New FDA Bill Help Or Hurt Americans Seeking Cures?
05.18.2016 News
The Senate’s Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions is currently reviewing a new Bill that would open up eligibility for FDA priority review for all medical devices. The Advancing Breakthrough Devices for Patients Act is trying to make quality medical devices more readily accessible for doctors and patients, but opponents of the Bill worry that it will increase the likelihood of defective medical devices hitting the market and harming patients.
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Blog 5 tips for car seat safety
5 Tips for Car Seat Safety
05.10.2016 News
Nothing is more important than keeping your children safe in the car, but with so many types of car seats, parents can quickly become overwhelmed. When picking a car seat, do your homework. Proper research can make the difference between purchasing a safe or an unsafe car seat. Here are a few tips for keeping your children safe in their car seats.
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Blog another ovarian cancer victim prevails in j j talcum powder verdict
Another Ovarian Cancer Victim Prevails in J&J Talcum Powder Verdict
05.04.2016 News
On Monday, May 2, 2016, a Missouri jury awarded a woman $55 million for ovarian cancer that developed after using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products for feminine hygiene. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) was accused of not adequately warning consumers of the danger of talcum powder and the jury agreed. The plaintiff ultimately had to have a hysterectomy and other surgical procedures in order to battle her ovarian cancer diagnosis.
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Blog what is an attractive nuisance
What Is An Attractive Nuisance?
04.27.2016 News
Because children are curious by nature, special care needs to be taken to ensure they do not unknowingly expose themselves to harm. While property owners usually do not owe a duty of care to keep trespassers safe, the attractive nuisance doctrine provides a legal exception when the trespassers are children.
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Blog what you need to know about anti depressants and birth defects
What You Need To Know About Anti-Depressants and Birth Defects
04.20.2016 News
Anti-depressants help millions of Americans relieve symptoms of depression; however, recent studies have shown that anti-depressants can cause devastating birth injuries when taken during pregnancy. While anti-depressants can pose serious threats to unborn babies, stopping anti-depressant use could also pose serious risks to the mother and her child.
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Blog the dangers of distracted driving
The Dangers of Distracted Driving
04.06.2016 News
You might drive on the roadways everyday, but are your eyes always on the road and are your hands always on the steering wheel? Simple things like adjusting the radio station or talking to passengers can distract drivers, even if only for few seconds. However, even a few seconds of distracted driving could have devastating consequences.
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Blog the fda s approach to speeding up medication availability
The FDA’s Approach To Speeding Up Medication Availability
03.30.2016 News
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a detailed process for approving medications and medical devices. Sometimes the process is sped up for medications or cures that are the first of their kind or substantially better than currently available medications. Neither all medications nor all medical devices go through the same expedited approval process.
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Blog top issues in women s health
Top Issues In Women’s Health
03.22.2016 News
While more and more Americans now have access to health care and physicians that can help them when they fall ill or get injured, some women’s health issues require more than a check up to address.
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Blog 5 of the worst medication recalls in history
5 Of The Worst Medication Recalls In History
03.16.2016 News
Despite rigorous testing and clinical trials, many prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause severe complications and even death, requiring massive recalls to keep the public safe. Since 1962, the FDA has been responsible for testing and approving the safety of medications; even with their oversight many recalls have taken place.
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Blog everything you need to know about mass torts
Everything You Need To Know About Mass Torts
03.09.2016 News
What happens when thousands of people are harmed by a dangerous medication or defective product? How do those injured go about seeking compensation? When the same product injures a large number of people, the injured parties have a variety of litigation options.
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