Blog what to do after a texas workplace accident
What to Do After a Texas Workplace Accident
09.08.2015 News
Any worker who has been injured on the job is entitled to certain things and should not be required to take chances with their livelihood or their health because of an injury that is not their fault. If you or a loved one have been hurt on the job and you believe you are receiving less compensation than you should from the workers comp insurance company, or you believe your injury was at least partly caused by defective equipment, please contact Blizzard Law PLLC and allow our Workplace Injury Attorneys to evaluate your case and find out if we can get you the compensation you deserve.
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Blog how to choose the best lawyer for your personal injury case
How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case
09.02.2015 News
Don't make a decision about which attorney to hire until you've actually met them, discussed your case thoroughly and determined that you feel at ease and completely comfortable working with them. Hiring the right personal injury attorney to assist you with a lawsuit or an insurance claims can definitely reap great benefits in the long run and get you the money that you deserve.
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Blog the fda medical device approval process
The FDA Medical Device Approval Process
08.31.2015 News
Defective medical devices that are implanted inside the body can result in physical injuries that can sometimes be life-threatening and which can also cause excruciating pain and have a significant negative impact on the quality of life. The trauma often associated with these defective devices can lead to massive unforeseeable medical expenses and economic losses. According to a 2011 study published by a health research group, between 2005 and 2009, 113 medical devices were subject to recall and 80 of those made it to the market through the 510(k) process.
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Blog texas drivers are the third worst
Texas Drivers Are The Third Worst
08.26.2015 News
A recent study by a company that compares auto insurance rates attempted to rate all 50 states' driving records by looking at statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in a number of different categories, including the accident fatality rate, the number of fatal accidents involving failure to obey traffic signals, wear seatbelts or maintain a valid license; and the number of fatalities involving speeding, careless driving and drunk driving, as well as the fatality rates involving bicycles and pedestrians. When they added all of the scores together, Texas scored a solid third, meaning we have the third-worst drivers in the country.
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Blog dangers of drowning for adults and children
Dangers of Drowning for Adults and Children
08.20.2015 News
Negligence involving water hazards may cause serious injury or death in many different ways; perhaps a school with a swimming-related physical education class doesn't provide enough supervision, or a spa doesn't maintain its equipment to manufacturers' standards or inspect it often enough. Obviously, death is a major risk from drowning, but there is also a potential for serious injury, including brain damage, which is often caused from the lack of oxygen endured by drowning victims.
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Blog why are motorcycle accidents so deadly
Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Deadly?
08.12.2015 News
The devastation experienced by a motorcyclist in an accident is usually far worse than any other motor vehicle accident, mostly because they are not protected by a steel cage surrounding them and keeping them safe and they are smaller than everything else on the road. Motorcycle accident fatalities are roughly 30 times more likely than deaths in passenger cars. The number of deaths from motorcycle accidents is been trending up for years, with the number of fatalities in 2014 being more than double the number in 1997.
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Blog the dangers of oil rig explosions
The Dangers of Oil Rig Explosions
08.06.2015 News
The only way that the victim of an oil rig explosion can be compensated properly for their injuries and their losses this to have someone experienced and knowledgeable to build a strong case from their point of view and on their behalf. The Oil and Gas Injury Attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC have the knowledge and experience to deal with companies like this because we have been through it before and we have personally seen how hard it is at times to get adequate compensation for clients in court, even when all of the evidence points to their negligence. That said, we know how to square up against them and be effective in getting you all the compensation you deserve. Whether you have a personal injury suit or a suit for a wrongful death, we will fight hard for you.
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Blog electrocution in the texas workplace
Electrocution in the Texas Workplace
07.27.2015 News
Electrocution in the workplace usually comes from employer negligence on some level. It can be caused by frayed or old wires or loose connectors, machines that have not been properly grounded or wires that are improperly placed, such as under carpets or under equipment. All workplaces should have policies and procedures in place to keep all workers safe when working with or around electricity. It is also vital that all workers be trained with regard to electrical safety measures. If either you or a loved one suffered any kind of electrocution injury, you should contact the experienced Electrical Injury Attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC to help you file a claim and recover for your injuries and damages, including your medical expenses, lost earnings and your pain and suffering. We can help you protect your rights under Texas and federal law.
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Blog stay safe on your summer road trip
Stay Safe on Your Summer Road Trip
07.22.2015 News
Summertime travel involves road trips, especially in the large state of Texas. Blizzard Law PLLC offers travel safety tips for Texas drivers to avoid auto accidents.
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Blog texas has a distracted driving problem
Texas Has a Distracted Driving Problem
07.16.2015 News
Texas distracted driving has only continued to increase over the years and the consequences have been deadly. If you or someone you know was involved in an accident involving texting while driving, contact a lawyer today.
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