Blog what to know about hit and run claims
What To Know About Hit And Run Claims
03.19.2018 News
Under normal circumstances, after a minor car accident the parties involved get out of their vehicles, exchange information, take pictures, and go on their way. If injuries are more severe, first responders and police are called to address injuries and create a report of the incident. Unfortunately serious injuries resulting from Houston car accidents happen far too often, sometimes with deadly consequences.
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Blog does tamiflu have dangerous side effects
Does Tamiflu Have Dangerous Side Effects?
03.12.2018 News
As one of the worst flu seasons in the past few years comes to end, some experts are concerned one of the few prescription medications available to treat the flu may have potentially life threatening side effects. Tamiflu has been available for over a decade, but reports that it causes abnormal behavior, particularly in children, are becoming increasingly apparent. This has led some experts to the conclusion that Tamiflu isn’t right for every patient.
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Blog illegal left turns are causing a record number of accidents
Illegal Left Turns Are Causing A Record Number of Accidents
03.05.2018 News
Houston has numerous intersections that don’t allow left turns. While this can be inconvenient, it’s for good reason. Intersections that don’t allow left turns do so for a reason, and drivers who make illegal left turns greatly increase the likelihood of car accidents, not just for themselves, but for other motorists too. The Houston METRO Police have seen so many accidents caused by illegal left turns they have launched a new traffic initiative to crack down on offenders.
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Blog hernia mesh lawsuit goes to trial next year
Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Goes To Trial Next Year
02.26.2018 News
Patients suffering from hernia mesh complications are anxious to see their cases against manufacturers go to trial. There are a variety of hernia mesh manufacturers, but one of the largest, Ethicon Inc., will be brought to trial next year in the first case regarding its hernia mesh product, Physiomesh. The federal court overseeing the Physiomesh litigation set a trial date for September 16, 2019.
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Blog access to clinical trial data just got easier
Access To Clinical Trial Data Just Got Easier
02.19.2018 News
Clinical trials are crucial to understanding the safety and effectiveness of medications and medical devices. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses clinical trial data to evaluate new drug and device applications, clinical trial data has not been very accessible to patients. Transparency of clinical trial data is incredibly important for patients – they’re the ones taking the medication or utilizing the medical device after all. Luckily for patients, the FDA announced it is taking steps to make more clinical trial data easily accessible to those who will be most affected by any dangers or side effects – the consuming public.
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Blog 2018 ivc filter litigation update
2018 IVC Filter Litigation Update
02.12.2018 News
Thousands of IVC Filter patients have been waiting for their day in court with the medical device manufacturers. Used to prevent blood clots from traveling to the heart, IVC Filters have proven to be very dangerous. Patients with defective IVC Filters live in constant fear of further complications. While little can be done to help patients with defective IVC Filters, victims can at least have their voices heard in court. Several litigations involving numerous IVC filter manufacturers are moving forward and victims will soon have their day in court.
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Blog update on hurricane harvey claims
Update On Hurricane Harvey Claims
02.05.2018 News
The New Year started out rough for thousands of Texans who are still struggling with Hurricane Harvey claims. Although it has been over five months since Harvey’s landfall, recovery has been a painfully slow process. As various Hurricane Harvey claims work their way through the court system, property owners have been left fending for themselves.
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Blog automatic emergency braking will soon be included in all cars
Automatic Emergency Braking Will Soon Be Included In All Cars
01.29.2018 News
Maybe you were changing the radio station or distracted by something outside your window. You look back to the road and realize you are quickly heading toward the fender of the car in front of you. You slam on the brakes, but it’s too late. Accidents like these are incredibly common. Unfortunately, the resulting car accidents can cause serious injuries, particularly if it’s not a vehicle you collide with, but a pedestrian. However, thanks to car manufacturers, automatic emergency braking will soon be a standard feature on all cars.
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Blog baby powder litigation update
Baby Powder Litigation Update
01.22.2018 News
This will be a pivotal year for baby powder cancer victims. Last year saw several massive plaintiffs’ verdicts, and 2018 is gearing up for more bellwether trials that could sway Johnson & Johnson’s opinion on settling thousands of lawsuits.
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Blog 92 of americans know distracted driving is a top cause of accidents
92% Of Americans Know Distracted Driving Is A Top Cause Of Accidents
01.15.2018 News
If you knew something would increase your risk of injury, would you do it? According to a new poll, for most Americans the answer is “yes.” A survey including 2,000 Americans found 92% believed distracted driving is a top cause of car accidents. This is hardly surprising considering the dangers of distracted driving are obvious, but what is surprising is how many people do it anyway.
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