What’s Next For The Talcum Powder Litigation?

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What’s Next For The Talcum Powder Litigation?
11.28.2016 News

After the fourth baby powder trial resulted in a $70 million win for the plaintiff, thousands of other baby powder cancer plaintiffs eagerly await their day in court. Although it will be some time before the next baby powder lawsuit goes to trial, the litigation as a whole will be taking some big steps in the coming months.

Currently, there are three distinct consolidated baby powder litigations proceeding simultaneously: multidistrict litigation (MDL) in New Jersey, consolidated proceedings in Missouri, and a docket of coordinated cases in California. The MDL in Missouri has spawned all three baby powder trials so far this year.

The next step in the Missouri baby powder litigation is preparing for the next trial. Originally, the trial date was set for February 2017, but it was pushed back to July 2017 by a judge overseeing the proceedings. Unlike previous baby powder trials, the July trial will feature not one plaintiff, but six.

The New Jersey baby powder MDL  formed several months ago to accommodate the growing number of federal court lawsuits. The New Jersey MDL is still in the early phases and focusing on transferring all federal lawsuits into the MDL. The litigation is set to begin fact discovery in the New Year.

In early October, a California judge coordinated baby powder cancer cases within the state to promote a quicker resolution of claims. It is anticipated the coordinated litigation will grow to several thousand in number. Plaintiffs in the California litigation just concluded a status conference discussing a number of issues and are slowly making their way through proceedings.

While these three consolidated litigations formed in response to baby powder lawsuits, several additional lawsuits have been filed in states around the country. One of these is a Philadelphia lawsuit, which will proceed in Pennsylvania state court. In addition to the Philadelphia lawsuit, 10 more baby powder lawsuits have been filed in Delaware, and plaintiffs asked for a coordinated docket there as well.

Although baby powder cancer lawsuits are spread out around the country, they will have a heavy impact on each other as they proceed. With the next baby powder trial scheduled for July, Johnson & Johnson might decide to settle all of its talc cases rather than risk another multimillion-dollar verdict in any of the litigations.

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