Virginia Woman Prevails In Another Baby Powder Cancer Trial

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Virginia Woman Prevails In Another Baby Powder Cancer Trial
05.15.2017 News

In the sixth baby powder case to go to trial and the fifth case in the same St. Louis courtroom, a Virginia woman prevailed against healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) for failing to warn consumers of the cancer risk associated with its baby powder products. The jury found J&J’s products caused the woman’s ovarian cancer and awarded her $110.5 million.

The plaintiff, Lois Slemp, used J&J’s baby powder products for over 40 years for feminine hygiene around her groin. In 2012, Ms. Slemp was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she is still battling cancer, which has now spread to her liver. Ms. Slemp’s trial date was moved up because of her deteriorating condition; and, while she was not well enough to attend the trial in person, jurors were moved by her taped testimony played for them during the trial.

The jury awarded Ms. Slemp $5.4 million in compensatory damages and $105 million in punitive damages, designed to punish the company for wrongdoing. The jury also found J&J’s talc supplier, Imerys, partly at fault and ordered the company to pay Ms. Slemp an additional $50,000.

The jury heard evidence from Ms. Slemp’s lawyers demonstrating the link between ovarian cancer and the talc in baby powder was known as far back as 1971 and that J&J knew about the risk at least by the 1990s, but failed to add a warning label to its products.

Out of the six baby powder cancer case that have gone to trial, five have found J&J guilty of negligence. Three verdicts in the last year awarded a total of $197 million to women who developed ovarian cancer as a result of using the company’s products.

Despite losing another trial, J&J intends to appeal the verdict and continues to stand behind the safety of its products. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult for the company to do. The company still faces thousands of lawsuits, many of which are consolidated in the same St. Louis court, which has produced four plaintiffs’ wins so far.

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