Toxic Denture Cream Killed my Husband, Says Widow

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Toxic Denture Cream Killed my Husband, Says Widow
06.01.2014 News

The Scotsman
An American widow has launched a lawsuit alleging that her husband was killed by his dentures. The family of Rodney Urbanek, 64, claim he died from deadly levels of zinc ingested from a toxic denture adhesive that he used for 14 years. It is believed to be the first case in the United States of a death blamed on poisoning from denture cream. Mr Urbanek was healthy in early 2007, but became paralysed below the waist a few months later and confined to a wheelchair, according to the lawsuit filed against the US arm of GlaxoSmithKline. He died from pneumonia in a nursing home in 2008 ...Edward Blizzard, the lawyer representing Mr Urbanek's widow Gisela, 59, and daughter Deanne, 38, said: "The makers of these adhesives knew full well that high levels of zinc posed a serious threat to the health of their consumers, but did nothing."
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