Texas Truck Accident FAQ

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Texas Truck Accident FAQ
11.23.2015 News

If you have been injured in an accident involving a large truck, it is likely your injuries are very serious and potentially very devastating and you undoubtedly have many questions, so the Texas Truck Accident Attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC have compiled this FAQ to help all truck accident victims:

Are truck accidents usually worse than other traffic accidents?

Because large trucks are much more massive and carry a lot more weight, truck accidents are often more destructive than accidents with other vehicles. Also, because of this massive size and weight, they need a much longer distance to stop and they are harder to control. Also, many large trucks carry hazardous materials, which can increase the danger to other drivers in an accident.

If I am injured in a truck accident, what may I be able to recover?

The victim of a serious truck accident may be entitled to adequate financial compensation for any property damage they suffer, as well as all medical expenses related to the accident for as long as they need it, including the need for rehabilitation, physical therapy, and pain management costs for life, if necessary. They may be able to recover for lost income, both current and future and pain and suffering. In many cases, if you have lost a loved one, you may be able to receive financial compensation for lost companionship, lost financial support, and other costs for yourself and the entire family.

Do accidents involving large trucks result in larger settlements?

The driver of a big rig or other commercial vehicle is a professional driver who is required to undergo specific training to obtain and keep a Commercial Driver's License and who is required to follow certain federal and Texas regulations at all times, including those limiting the number of hours they are allowed to drive and other minimum standards of conduct when it comes to operating a vehicle on Texas roadways while carrying 40 tons of goods.

Other factors also tend to make truck settlements larger. Quite often, after a truck accident in which someone is injured, a thorough investigation by a competent and experienced attorney will uncover a situation in which the company responsible for hiring the driver placed profits ahead of public safety and cut corners to save money, which can make them responsible. Also, insurance policy limits for commercial vehicles tend to be much higher than the $30,000 Texas minimum coverage that applies to passenger car insurance, which means there is more money available to fairly compensate a victim.

Do I really need an attorney?

Quite often, insurance companies will give the victim of a truck accident assurances that they will take responsibility for the accident, but everyone should know that it is the nature of their business to pay out as little as possible on every claim. They will try to cut a check for as little as they can get away with, regardless of the level of your injury and once you accept the check, your case is over. There is a reason the insurance company doesn't encourage anyone to hire a lawyer; accident victims with lawyers recover far more compensation than those without one.

How soon do I need an attorney?

In many Texas truck accident cases, it can be extremely important to begin a thorough investigation as soon as possible, in order to obtain and preserve potentially crucial evidence. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is always a great idea because the first thing an experienced Texas Truck Accident Attorney will do is to begin the investigation, which is especially important, since the trucking company and their insurance carrier will be on the scene as soon as possible after the accident. If the facts of the case in any way work against the trucking company or the driver, they will seek to protect their interests as soon as possible, and you should do the same.

How does a Texas Truck Accident Attorney get paid?

The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC, like most such attorneys, handle Texas truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we collect a percentage of any recovery as compensation for our time in prosecuting your case. That means, if you get no recovery, you pay us nothing.

In addition to the percentage of the recovery, we will also front any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in prosecuting the case, which can be fairly expensive. These can include the costs of experts or depositions, witness fees and court costs, and those are also taken out of the recovery at the end. If there is no recovery, we don't get paid for those, either.

Does it matter which attorney I choose to represent me?

Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable Texas Truck Accident Attorney can actually make all the difference. These types of cases can be extremely complex and involve a great number of elements, and hiring an attorney who doesn't handle these types of cases on a daily basis and hasn't done so over the course of many years probably won’t yield the best results. Finding a highly skilled attorney who specializes in Truck Accidents can make the difference for your family’s financial future.

If you or someone you love have been seriously injured in an accident involving a large truck in the state of Texas, please contact the Texas Truck Accident Attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC, so that we can discuss your case and advise you of your options with regard to protecting your rights.