Stockert 3T Device Causes Infections In Young Patients

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Stockert 3T Device Causes Infections In Young Patients
09.25.2017 News

Although it has been over a year since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its warning regarding the Stockert 3T heater-cooler device, patients are still falling victim to its defective design. Recently, children who underwent cardiothoracic surgery in which the Stockert 3T was used have developed life-threatening infections because of the device.

Nearly one dozen children were infected with mycobacterium abscessus, or M. abscessus, a fast growing bacteria resistant to many types of antibiotics after undergoing surgery at the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. M. abscessus can cause skin to become red, tender to the touch, swollen, or even painful. Infected skin can also develop boils. M. abscessus can also cause fever, chills, and muscle aches, among other symptoms.

Unfortunately, the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans is concerned there could be even more patients infected. Bacteria spread into open surgical wounds can lay dormant for months or even years before manifesting symptoms.

M. abscessus is most commonly spread in a hospital setting by contaminated medical equipment. Invasive procedures using contaminated medical equipment can expose a patient’s open surgical wound to the bacteria.

Although the water in the Stockert 3T runs in a closed circuit, meaning it doesn’t come into direct contact with patients, water does enter into other parts of the device. Bacteria can be transmitted through the air cycling through the device’s exhaust vent. This effectively spreads contaminated water into the operating room air through the device’s exhaust vent.

Unfortunately, children weren’t the only ones exposed to the infection risk. The Stockert 3T device has been used in hundreds of thousands of surgeries in recent years and now patients are suffering the consequences. Patients have reported developing a variety of infections from the device, including endocarditis, surgical site infections, bacteremia, hepatitis, splenomegaly, and osteomyelitis, among others.

Stockert 3T Infection Attorneys

Patients suffering from infections from the Stockert 3T were not adequately warned of the infection risk associated with the device. If you or someone you love suffered an infection after open-heart surgery, you may be able to obtain compensation. The experienced Stockert 3T infection lawyers at Blizzard Law PLLC can analyze your situation and help you understand your legal rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.