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Is More Government Regulation Needed to Prevent Recalls?

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Is More Government Regulation Needed to Prevent Recalls?
06.01.2014 News

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The real failure for these hip implants may be due to corporate greed and a lack of government oversight on medical devices. Although DePuy recalled the product in August, 2010, lawsuits claim that the company was aware of the device's failure in 2008. One patient, Larry Barnett, who is represented by Texas attorney, Ed Blizzard, put off the surgery for 2 years and finally had the implant inserted in 2008, due to its claim to last 15 years or longer. Ed Blizzard, a tort attorney, is no stranger to large pharmaceutical cases, having represented 200,000 women injured by silicone breast implants, patients inured by diet drugs Ephedra and Fen-Phen and heart attack victims due to Merck's Vioxx. Blizzard knows the drug companies "didn't just uniformly decide to clean up their ways for the betterment of the public."
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