First Transvaginal Mesh Case Finally Over

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First Transvaginal Mesh Case Finally Over
01.03.2017 News

The first transvaginal mesh case to go to trial has finally come to a conclusion. The plaintiff was a South Dakota woman named Linda Gross who experienced severe complications from the transvaginal mesh product she had implanted. Although Ms. Gross’s trial concluded in 2013, device manufacturer defendants Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon fought the verdict for over three years. However, the Supreme Court of New Jersey declined to hear an appeal from the manufacturers, allowing the original jury verdict to stand.

Like many other women, Ms. Gross required extensive additional corrective surgeries to attempt to repair the damage her implanted transvaginal mesh had caused. The mesh was designed to treat pelvic organ prolapse (when an organ such as your bladder falls from its normal place) and stress urinary incontinence, among other medical conditions. Unfortunately, it is now known that transvaginal mesh can erode and cause severe damage to the pelvic organs, blood vessels, and urinary tract, and cause a host of other serious injuries. 

Ms. Gross filed a lawsuit against J&J and Ethicon in 2008 alleging the companies failed to warn her of the risks associated with their transvaginal mesh device. It wasn’t until five years later in 2013 that Ms. Gross’s case finally made it to trial. A jury found Ethicon and J&J grossly negligent in failing to warn consumers and for producing a defective device. She was awarded $11 million in damages for her injuries, and the New Jersey Supreme Court has now upheld that award.

What Does This Mean For Other Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits?

Numerous litigations are set up to help resolve transvaginal mesh lawsuits, and Ms. Gross’s case could help other victims reach a settlement. The decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court sends a strong message to mesh manufacturers, and might make manufacturers decide to settle remaining lawsuits rather than taking each to court. 

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