Fifth Baby Powder Trial Begins Next Week

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Fifth Baby Powder Trial Begins Next Week
01.23.2017 News

Next week, Nora Daniels will become the fifth woman to take healthcare conglomerate Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to trial over its baby powder products. The trial, which is the fourth to take place in a St. Louis Court, comes after three plaintiffs’ verdicts in 2016 in the same court.

Ms. Daniels used J&J’s baby powder for over 36 years until she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Like many women, Ms. Daniels used baby powder around her groin for feminine hygiene. Unfortunately, the mineral talc, which is a key ingredient in baby powder, can cause cancer.

The first link between the talc in baby powder and ovarian cancer was discovered in 1971 when British researchers found talc particles embedded in ovarian tumors. Since then, over 22 epidemiological studies have confirmed the link between talc and ovarian cancer. Ms. Daniels believes J&J failed to warn her of the risks of ovarian cancer.

Evidence from previous trials showed J&J was aware of the cancer risk by the 1990s, but rather than removing talc from its products or providing a warning label, the company devised marketing strategies to overcome consumer mistrust. 

Because of the widespread use of baby powder, thousands of women across the country filed lawsuits against J&J. Although the company denies all wrongdoing, four separate juries found it guilty of gross negligence. So far, juries awarded a combined $190 million to baby powder cancer plaintiffs. 

Ms. Daniels’ case will be similar to the previous baby powder cancer trials, and the verdict could help other baby powder ovarian cancer claims. J&J stated it intends to fight these claims, but the company may decide to settle the remaining lawsuits if it continues to be defeated in court.

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