Female Talc Product Use and Lawsuits

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Female Talc Product Use and Lawsuits
04.03.2015 News

Talc is an ingredient used in many cosmetics, from baby powder to blush. It may be used to absorb moisture, to prevent caking, or to improve the feel of a product. Recent studies have shown that use of powders containing talc in the genital area may cause ovarian cancer. Due to the nature of the mineral talc, it can live inside of the body for up to eight years possibly causing inflammation and increasing the chance of the cultivation of cancer cells.

Many baby powder brands contain talc

Women around the world use many products containing talc on a daily basis. The most common example is baby powder. Several popular brands, including Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, CVS Brand Baby Powder, Rite Aid Baby Powder, Anti Monkey Butt Powder, Assured Shower & Bath Absorbent Baby Powder, Angel of Mine Baby Powder, Family Dollar Mild Baby Powder, and Shower-to-Shower Morning Fresh Absorbent Baby Powder, include talc as an ingredient. A recent jury verdict in favor of a South Dakota woman found that Johnson & Johnson acted negligently by failing to warn of the increased risk of ovarian cancer with daily baby powder use. The woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after her prolonged use of Shower to Shower and Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. Doctors who examined tissue taken from her ovaries observed talc strands embedded in the tissue.

Manufacturers and the FDA failed to warn consumers of the dangers of talc

Despite numerous studies and an increasing number of lawsuits by women suffering from ovarian cancer, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has failed to require baby powder manufacturers to warn consumers of the danger. Though companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, now offer different types of baby powder – those with talc and those without – they still refuse to properly warn of the possible dangers of using the talcum powder in the genital area. The focus on talcum powder in the past has been on the concentration of asbestos in the powder. Now asbestos mixed with the talc is less of a concern due to regulations, but the talc itself can be harmful to those who use it on a regular basis.  Women who continue to use these products to stay “fresh” may be causing more harm than good to their bodies.

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Attorneys

The attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC are handling lawsuits across the country to recover damages for harm due to the use to talcum powder. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder, please contact us online to speak with a knowledgeable attorney today.