California Baby Powder Lawsuits Pushing Ahead Amid Fifth Trial

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California Baby Powder Lawsuits Pushing Ahead Amid Fifth Trial
02.06.2017 News

As the fifth baby powder lawsuit makes it to trial this week in a St. Louis courtroom, baby powder lawsuits in California are also looking for a resolution. The current St. Louis trial is the fourth trial in the same court that awarded multimillion-dollar verdicts to the plaintiffs in the previous baby powder cancer trials. 

Talcum powder lawsuits have gotten out of control for Johnson & Johnson (J&J), struggling under the weight of thousands of claims. Currently, there is a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in New Jersey for federally filed baby powder lawsuits, but there is also a consolidated docket in St. Louis. In addition, the state of California is coordinating baby powder lawsuits filed within the state through a Los Angeles County Court. Other states are also trying to speed up resolution to baby powder claims by establishing their own coordinated dockets.

Regardless of where a baby powder lawsuit is filed, the current St. Louis trial could have a profound affect on baby powder litigation nationwide. If J&J suffers another large plaintiffs’ verdict, the company might decide to work on a global settlement to resolve baby powder cancer claims. However, plaintiffs in the California baby powder lawsuits aren’t waiting to see how the other litigations fare.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge overseeing the California baby powder litigation scheduled the state’s first baby powder trial for July 3, 2017. The plaintiff is a woman who developed ovarian cancer from long-term baby powder use. She was selected from among other women because her doctors have given her no more than six months to live. She is hopeful she will see justice before she succumbs to end-stage ovarian cancer. 

With baby powder litigation heating up around the country, J&J will have a busy year and more plaintiffs’ verdicts could help persuade the company to settle cases, giving relief to thousands of victims and their families.

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